Workers’ Compensation

The dedication of the attorneys and staff at Cleary, Josem & Trigiani LLP extends not just to unions, but also to union members who suffer work-related injuries. When union members and workers are injured on-the-job, they are thrown into a legal and medical system that can seem bewildering. For more than 25 years, our attorneys and paralegals have assisted injured workers in navigating the workers’ compensation system so that they can obtain both the treatment and benefits that they need. We are proud to have published a booklet describing the rights of injured workers in Pennsylvania. You can find our booklet here.

Our dedication to unions and union members gives us a unique perspective on the difficulties facing workers when they are injured. And, because of our knowledge of collective bargaining agreements, union-management relationships and union pension and health and welfare plans, we are able to make sure that our clients not only obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that are rightfully due, but also that our clients do not inadvertently jeopardize any other benefits to which they are entitled.

Our attorneys and staff guide our clients through the workers’ compensation system, making sure that they receive the medical treatment that they need to get better. They are available to answer questions and represent the client throughout the process, including the claims process and any appeals that may be needed. And, there are no attorneys’ fees unless we win the case.

Please contact us by telephone at 215-735-9099 or 800-559-7676 if you have a work-related injury and are in need of legal assistance.